A Native Scholar’s Wellbeing

Comic by: Danielle Lucero

Tribal affiliation: Pueblo of Isleta

Study: PhD candidate in Justice & Social Inquiry

As a Native student, I found myself struggling to take care of my mental, spiritual and physical health while being away from home at school. I read several articles about mental wellbeing and self-care tips, but I felt like they were missing a piece that addressed the struggle I was feeling. This comic is my attempt at offering some Indigenous self-care tips that address our mental, physical, spiritual and cultural wellbeing. Many of us are struggling with school, our health, and worry for our families and communities. The tips I offer in this comic are all things that I’ve tried to adopt in my daily/weekly routine and I’ve found them to be profoundly helpful in getting through my week. I hope you find some useful tips and try some of the recommendations!

A colorful comic illustrated by Danielle Lucero. Main character Febe is dancing, stretching, socializing with friends.



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ASU - Turning Points Magazine

ASU - Turning Points Magazine


Turning Points Magazine is the first ever Native college magazine written by Native students for Native students @asu