Creative spaces

Story by: Shalanndra Benally & Ryan Allison

A top view of Shelly’s work desk shows a laptop, sketching pad, pencil holders, a computer monitor, a cutting mat, and post-its.
(Photos by: Shalanndra Benally/Turning Points Magazine)
Top photo: A smiling Shelly sitting at her desk. Bottom photo: A front view of Shelly’s work area shows frames and storage compartments arranged neatly underneath her desk and items tacked on the wall.
Top photo: A smiling Selina Scott paints on an easel. Bottom photo: Selina poses for the camera with vibrant paintings and numerous paintbrushes on the wall behind her.
(Photos by: Mya Scott)
Raini-Skye smiles with the wall behind her decorated with her schoolwork drawings.
(Photos by: Ryan Allison/Turning Points Magazine)
A smiling Ryan stands in front of his work desk which faces a window. An acoustic guitar is placed in front of a full bookshelf.
A top view look at Ryan’s desk which shows a Mac laptop, a coffee cup, sketching paper, a ruler, a cutting mat, exacto knife, pens, a hard drive and a candle.
Gabriela is smiling as she leans against her work desk with folded arms. On the wall behind her are striking black-and-white sketches of Jim Morrison and a pin-up model.



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ASU - Turning Points Magazine

Turning Points Magazine is the first ever Native college magazine written by Native students for Native students @asu