A photo featuring one of the striking buildings in the Town of Guadalupe: Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.
(Photos by: Shalanndra Benally/Turning Points Magazine)
A bright yellow sign shows a superhero woman wearing a mask and a red-flowered shirt flexing her arm muscles saying “Warrior up and wear a mask. Our tribe needs you!”
(Photo by: Shalanndra Benally/Turning Points Magazine)
Wearing a black mask and gloves, Esteban Fuerte picks up a box full of food into the backseat of a vehicle lined up at a food drive in Guadalupe, Arizona. Four more vehicles wait in line in the background.
COVID Field Response: ASU graduate and Community Action Program case manager Esteban Fuerte loads a box into a vehicle in Guadalupe in August of 2020. (Photo by: Charlie Leight/ASU)
A bronze statue of a man wearing a deer antler headdress. This statue signifies the Yaqui ceremonial deer dance.
(Photo by: Shalanndra Benally/Turning Points Magazine)

Free COVID-19 testing for Sun Devils, families & communities

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